RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness Team Grows and Expands Capabilities

Growth includes four new analysts and one expanded role

St. Louis, Mo. (May 30, 2017) – Rabobank announces the expansion of its RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness team with the addition of four new analysts and role change for an existing analyst: Aga Dobrowolska Perry as a dairy analyst, Andrick Payen as an associate analyst of sugar and grains and oilseeds, Sam Funk as a senior grain and oilseed analyst, Jim Watson as a senior beverage analyst and Sterling Liddell, formerly senior grain and oilseed analyst to role of global senior data analyst.

Aga Dobrowolska Perry is in her final year of completing her doctorate in agricultural and applied economics at the University of Missouri. She currently holds a bachelor’s in agriculture and a master’s in agribusiness and marketing, both from Warsaw University of Life Science in Warsaw, Poland. Before joining the RaboResearch team, Dobrowolska Perry worked for the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium, and for Farm Accountancy Data Network in Poland.

“I am really pleased to be a part of Rabobank,” notes Dobrowolska Perry. “It’s great to work alongside so many different people, from farmers here in the U.S., to colleagues in offices across the country and a dedicated team all over the world.”

As the only RaboResearch analyst in Mexico, Andrick Payen covers grains and oilseeds, sugar and animal protein. Originally from Mexico City, Payen attended the University of Missouri where he graduated with both a bachelor’s and master’s in agricultural economics. Prior to joining RaboResearch, he worked as a graduate research assistant for the University of Missouri Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI). Payen has also worked as a consultant with major banks throughout Mexico to develop risk models.

“I really appreciate the close relationship we have with clients, and being able to help them meet their goals,” notes Payen.

St. Louis-based Sam Funk comes to RaboResearch F&A with more than twenty years of industry experience. Most recently, Sam was the CEO and executive economist at AgServe, LLC where he was responsible for guiding business operations and leading economic, agricultural and policy consulting services. He has also worked with the United Soybean Board as chief economist, Illinois Farm Bureau as an economist and Doane Advisory Services where he lead special projects as a senior economist.

Funk earned his doctorate in agricultural economics from Kansas State University. Prior to that, he obtained his master’s at Texas A & M University and his bachelor’s at the University of Missouri.

“Rabobank is known for the research capabilities it offers clients and I am pleased to be a part of this tremendous team,” says Funk.

Based in New York City, Jim Watson holds an economics degree from Duke University and has ten years of industry experience. He is fascinated by the intense consolidation and also the constant innovation of the beverage industry.

“I enjoy being a part of Rabobank because the bank’s cooperative structure and deep agricultural focus allow me to look at the industry holistically, from the supply chain up through consumer demand, and to have a longer time-horizon in trying to best understand and discuss the key growth drivers in the industry,” says Watson.

“The addition of these well-respected analysts will help Rabobank continue to be a source of global thought leadership,” says Pablo Sherwell, head of RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness North America. “Being able to provide exclusive research and industry insights to clients through a wide network of analysts is what makes Rabobank unique.”

In addition, Global Senior Data Analyst Sterling Liddell, in his expanded role, is working to enhance research platforms and drive higher levels of strategic dialogue with clients and stakeholders.  In this role, Sterling will work in conjunction with Global Strategists, Regional Managers and specified analysts to expand proprietary analytical capabilities that create a competitive advantage in a given sector.

“We are seeing a marked increase in demand for our data and modeling capabilities,” notes Liddell. “By providing these resources, we are increasing the competitive ability of the bank while offering our clients valuable information that will impact their strategic decision making.”


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Rabobank International RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness is a global team of more than 80 analysts who monitor and evaluate global market events that affect agriculture worldwide. This international team works to collect key insights into commodity markets; conduct in-depth analysis of the factors that drive sector success (or failure); and examine the megatrends that ultimately influence clients’ business strategy. These analysts are internationally respected experts in sectors from protein to produce, inputs to oilseeds, and their knowledge is shared with Rabobank customers. 



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