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Three Forces Ready to Change the Ag Inputs Business

Farm Inputs Analyst Sam Taylor and Senior Grains and Oilseeds Analyst Stephen Nicholson discuss three emerging technology trends in the farm inputs industry: biologicals, agtech and e-commerce. While all three are becoming more prevalent across the industry, there are still challenges to widespread adoption. For example, there is potential for e-commerce to transform the ag inputs supply chain, but it still has a low use rate due to the large brick and mortar infrastructure in the industry.

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The Super Bowl Is Coming. And We're Running Out of Chicken Wings. 

Chicken wings were in short supply heading into the Super Bowl this February. Demand for wings has been strong since late summer, explains Senior Animal Protein Analyst Christine McCracken. That made it more difficult for foodservice providers to catch up to the heightened demand around the Super Bowl, when wing sales typically spike.

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Cattle Liquidation Delay Has Implications for Pork, Poultry

In a podcast episode of Feedstuffs In Focus, Senior Animal Protein Analyst Don Close shares his insights on the USDA’s latest Cattle Inventory Report, which showed a decrease in beef cattle inventories compared to last year. Close addresses the report’s key takeaways that will impact beef, pork and poultry producers this year, such as price implications, lower profits given higher feed costs, and potential ag-related policies from the new administration. 

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Future-Proofing the Dairy Sector

Global Dairy Strategist Mary Ledman shares her insights on future developments in the dairy sector and the outlook for dairy producers. She expects technology to play a greater role in dairy production, and says that dairy producers will need to adapt to changing consumer demands by excelling in areas such as entrepreneurship, animal welfare and sustainability. “We’re going to see more change in the next five years than we’ve seen in the past 20 years,” she says “It’s all going to be driven by the dairy sector’s ability to monitor, report and verify their activities on the farm and their activities towards sustainability are going to be crucial for our industry’s ability to have their social license to produce.”

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Fumasi Looks at Changing Outlook for Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Organic produce sales continue to grow faster than conventionally-grown produce, according to Roland Fumasi, Head of F&A RaboResearch North America. Compared with a 10% increase in all produce sales in the second and third quarters of 2020, organic produce sales were up 15%, he said at the recent Global Organic Produce Expo. Looking ahead, he expects retail sales in both categories to remain strong, as consumers continue to work remotely and spend more time cooking and eating at home.

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