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Farmers Face Rising Fertilizer Prices and Supply Constraints

Farm Inputs Analyst Sam Taylor spoke with the national business radio show Marketplace about the rise in natural gas operation costs, which has increased the expense of fertilizer production. “Natural gas accounts for anywhere between 70% to 90% of the operating costs,” Taylor said.
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2022 Cattle Market Forecasts Point to Higher Prices and Higher Break-Evens

Senior Animal Protein Analyst Don Close spoke with Radio Oklahoma Ag Network about the 2022 cattle market. “The market is finally on a much better foundation for where we will be for the remainder of the year,” Close said. “I think the real positive component is setting the stage for the price outlook that we have for 2022.” Looking forward, 2022 will experience equal beef supply and demand as well as an increase in profit, creating a strong beef market.
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Rabobank Report Evaluates What is Next for Organic Produce Growth Beyond Pandemic Bounce

Fruits, Vegetables, & Tree Nuts Analyst Almuhanad Melhim discussed his October report on North American organic produce with The Packer. Melhim’s report, which analyzes the declining growth rate of retail organic food sales due to waning pandemic effects, indicates that retail organic sales will remain higher than the pre-pandemic rate. Several factors during the pandemic encouraged consumption of organic fresh produce, noted Melhim. “These crises affect the consumers’ perception about the safety of their food, so consumers try to mitigate that sense of risk from the food they consume.”
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Rabobank Releases Protein Forecast

Christine McCracken, Senior Animal Protein Analyst, discussed Rabobank’s recent Global Animal Protein Outlook, which predicted the ongoing market disruptions for 2022. “This next year has the potential to accelerate structural change as a result of escalating costs,” McCracken said. “Success will most likely go the players that adapt to the changing business environment; embracing consumer preferences for sustainability and preparing for a surge in demand as economies continue to reopen and adjust following COVID-19-induced lockdowns.”
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RaboResearch analyst Sam Taylor will be presenting at the @dtnpf Ag Summit today on implications of the inputs implosion. He will explain why fertilizers and ag chemicals are hard to come by, how long disruptions are expected to last and what to expect in future growing seasons. https://t.co/2GxnAVcDou

Rabo AgriFinance @RaboAg

The #RaboResearch Animal Protein Outlook anticipates that overall production expansion will be driven by pork, poultry and aquaculture. The growth trend in these groups is expected to continue, but pork will expand more slowly. Beef and wild catch seafood will contract slightly. https://t.co/19tjB9Cp0C

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