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July 2020

How the Coronavirus Pandemic Will Accelerate Digital Agriculture

Farm Inputs Analyst Sam Taylor explains how farmers can take advantage of new technologies to drive greater efficiencies on the farm. “It’s hard to see how you’re going to be a successful farmer in the future without greater technology adoption,” he says. “Digital tools such as artificial intelligence that alert farmers to be preemptive about pest treatments can curb crop damage and save money.” The coronavirus pandemic is likely to accelerate adoption of these new technologies, particularly because of social distancing requirements. 

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COVID-19 Will Shape Third Quarter, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic will continue to create some uncertainty and volatility in poultry markets in Q3, says Senior Animal Protein Analyst Christine McCracken in an interview with WATTAgNet. “A lot will depend on how quickly economies can reopen and how quickly foodservice demand can stabilize,” she adds. “Right now, we’re optimistic, but there is still some risk on the horizon.”

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Ben Laine of Rabobank Talks About Dairy Key Points and Prices for the Rest of the Year

Dairy Analyst Ben Laine predicts that dairy prices will rise as milk production increases in the second half of 2020 and early 2021. He explains that while prices appear to berebounding in the short-term, the economic impact of the current recession will play a role in the long-term outlook.

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Almond Growers Fret Over Expectations for Another Record Harvest

Senior Analyst Roland Fumasi predicts that increased marketing efforts and low prices will contribute to a 12.5% increase in almond sales this year, but this will still leave nearly 700 million pounds of almonds on the market. "That's a significant carry and I think next year's crop is going to be big again," he says, adding that he expects prices to average $1.65 in the 2020-21 marketing year.

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Meat Industry Fights to Get Back on its Feet

Senior Animal Protein Analyst Don Close estimates that nearly one million cattle are on backlog due to meat plant closures, and the situation is not expected to improve until the fourth quarter of 2020. “From my years in the industry, I’ve never seen an occasion when we’ve had a backlog of cattle cleaned up as early as predicted,” he said.

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#RaboResearch Senior Animal Protein Analyst Don Close spoke yesterday at the Illinois Beef Association webinar, Today's Volatile Cattle Market and How to Navigate It. To watch Don's presentation and hear the insights that he shared, visit this link: https://t.co/B69N4WWMM1

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Adapting to technology on the farm will be key to future success says #RaboResearch Farm Inputs Analyst Sam Taylor. Digital tools such as artificial intelligence that alert farmers to be preemptive about pest treatments can curb crop damage and save money. https://t.co/LEadyTfCwi

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