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MAY 2021

Global Pork Production Slowed by Herd Health and Supply Issues, Boosting Prices

Senior Animal Protein Analyst Christine McCracken discusses ongoing struggles with African Swine Fever, which continues to affect pork production and prices. “African Swine Fever (ASF) has proven harder to manage than initially expected in some regions, slowing heard rebuilding efforts in Asia and shifting trade expectations for the rest of the world,” she explains. "We expect a gradual recovery in the herd, yet higher raising costs and demand uncertainty are expected to moderate the pace of growth."
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Over 700 Barges Stuck in Mississippi River From Bridge Crack

Senior Grains and Oilseed Analyst Stephen Nicholson talks with Bloomberg about the potential for export delays caused by a crack in the bridge over the Mississippi River. “My sense is that it is not a big deal for river traffic as it will be a short-term disruption,” he says. He notes that there could be a slight delay in corn barges reaching New Orleans due to the bridge crack.


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U.S. Wine Market: There Is a Gulf of Valuation Expectation Between Buyers and Sellers

 Global Beverages Strategist Stephen Rannekleiv provides insight on valuation   trends in the beverage industry and the current gulf in valuation expectations   between buyers and sellers. “This gulf in expectations will eventually narrow,   and the ongoing recovery of the on-premise will play an important role in   providing greater clarity,” he says. “Some wineries will find that valuations will   improve with time, but others may find that prolonging a sale may erode   additional value.

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Beware of Avocado Price Spike this Summer

 Senior Analyst David Magaña expects that avocado volumes could be lower   this summer due to a freeze that Mexico had this past winter, which affected   production during one of the country’s key bloom seasons. On the demand   side, Magaña expects that U.S. per capita consumption for avocados will   continue to increase, rising from 9 pounds per person in 2020 to 11 pound per   person by 2026. 

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