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May 2024

What do low water levels mean for your bottom line?

Low water levels in the Mississippi River and Panama Canal continue to cause costly delays for American farmers. RaboResearch Grains and Oilseeds Analyst Andrick Payen and Packaging and Logistics Analyst Xinnan Li spoke with Successful Farming about the negative impacts these waterway issues have on prices and competition – and how American farmers can prepare for their 2024 crop.

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Why have orange juice prices soared?

Brazil, the world's leading orange juice producer, has predicted a squeeze in orange production levels for 2024 – which means OJ prices might not drop anytime soon. In a recent article, Just Drinks Henry Mathieu leveraged insights from Rabobank Senior Analyst of Beverages, Dairy, Packaging & Logistics, Andrés Padilla, to explore factors impacting the current market. Extreme weather plays a major role, affecting key citrus regions and reducing the orange harvest just as consumer demand has begun to decline. This has resulted in orange juice prices hitting new record highs. “Frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ) futures are trading at around $3.50 per pound, according to food and agribusiness bank Rabobank, up substantially from this time last year.” 
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Global dairy market: Price recovery will be slower than expected, but the outlook remains positive

While China's milk production is looking up for 2024, it's a different story for other dairy giants. The U.S. and South America are seeing a dip in dairy herds due to profitability woes, while unfavorable weather hinders production in New Zealand and Europe. Despite these challenges, the price of dairy is expected to recover slowly, and lower feed costs offer some relief to dairy farmers. Rabobank Senior Analyst of Beverages, Dairy, Packaging & Logistics, Andrés Padilla, offers insight into the situation. “Even if global prices remain relatively stable for some months, higher farmer margins should spur some production growth later in 2024," says Andres.
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Improved Profitability Could Spark Pork Expansion

Good news for pork producers – Rabobank Senior Analyst of Animal Protein, Christine McCracken, recently spoke with Brownfield Ag News to shed light on some encouraging trends in Q2 pork financials. Lower feed costs are strengthening pork margins, which is helping producers get back to profitability. Still, it will take time to see lasting improvement in the market. “For now though, it means that (producers) are able to restore a little bit of their balance sheets. I think it’s going to be a slow process, but things are kind of on the uptrend,” noted McCracken.
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