Rabo AgriFinance clients have access to proprietary information from the RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness group.

This global team of more than 80 analysts monitors and evaluates global market events that affect agriculture worldwide. The RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness group works to collect key insights into commodity markets; conduct in-depth analysis of the factors that drive sector success (or failure); and examine the megatrends that ultimately influence clients’ business strategy. These analysts are internationally respected experts in sectors from protein to produce, inputs to oilseeds, and their knowledge is shared with Rabo AgriFinance clients.

RaboResearch reports are also made available to the media by request. If you’re a reporter or representative of a media outlet, contact the Rabo AgriFinance public relations team to request a report.

RaboResearch analysts are frequently available for phone and in-person interviews and appearances. Recent media articles and stories that feature knowledge and insights shared by RaboResearch analysts can be viewed here. If you’re a reporter and would like to speak to an analyst about a recent RaboResearch report or about trends and current events in agriculture, please contact the Rabo AgriFinance public relations team.

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The setbacks created by the pandemic will have long-term consequences for meat and feed industries, according to Analyst Don Close. It could take the foodservice industry up to two full years to recover, which will affect #animalprotein and other sectors. https://t.co/uw9Lq8vKlZ

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RaboResearch Senior Analyst Steve Nicholson joined @ChipFlory on @agritalk Monday afternoon. They discussed Steve's recent report on China's 10-year grain feed demand, grain marketing and managing risk based on crop break-evens. Listen now at this link: https://t.co/mofv5BCSuU

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