Rabobank is a cooperative banking organization, rooted in agriculture and dating back over 115 years. What began in the Netherlands in the 1890s as a collection of small rural banks serving local farmers has grown into a global financial services leader and one of the world's largest banks, providing wholesale and retail banking, leasing, and real estate services in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Rabobank Group


Headquartered in The Netherlands, the Rabobank Group operates in 48 countries, providing clients in every market with industry expertise, extensive experience, innovative resources—and deep local market and sector knowledge.


With our long history of financial expertise in the food and agriculture industry, we also help farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness companies grow their agribusinesses throughout the United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico.


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One of the World's Safest Banks


In business for more than 110 years and posting strong, consistent growth over the past century, the Rabobank Group is one of the world’s largest banks with total assets of over $900 billion. It has been rated one of the world's safest banks by Global Finance magazine.


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A Rich History


  • Rabobank was founded in the 1890s by farmers as a small cooperative of banks serving their rural communities. The cooperative model was designed to provide a fair and reliable source of credit to local customers through a system of shared liabilities, pooled resources, and reservation of profits.
  • Rabobank expanded its business scope and geographic presence throughout the 20th century, adding a broader range of banking and financial services to meet the needs of its customers in the Netherlands and internationally.
  • Even as the bank grew into one of the world's largest financial institutions, the Rabobank Group has remained a cooperative organization—operating on the same principles, and dedicated to serving our customers and their communities.


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About Our Name and Logo


Pronounced RAH' boh bank, our unique name is derived from two banking cooperatives that began operating in the Netherlands at the end of the 19th century:

  • The Cooperative Association of Raiffeisen Banks
  • The Cooperative Central Boerenleenbank (in English: Farmer's Credit Bank)


These banks merged in 1972 to form a single cooperative bank: Cooperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen Boerenleenbank BA. The Ra from Raiffeisen and Bo from Boerenleenbank were merged into the new entity Rabobank.


Our sundial logo symbolizes how Rabobank stands by customers as their needs change over time—helping them achieve their financial goals at every stage of life. The people, businesses and communities we serve will always be at the heart of our business.


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