Rabo AgriFinance Remembers Sterling Liddell

St. Louis, Mo. (July 6, 2018) – It is with great sadness that Rabo AgriFinance shares that respected analyst and beloved colleague Sterling Liddell passed away on July 4. Sterling, Vice President of Global Data, Rabo AgriFinance, was known professionally for his expertise in markets, in a variety of commodity sectors, grains, livestock, ag policy, macroeconomics and more.

Sterling Liddell“His unique and broad set of knowledge made him a globally sought-after resource on agricultural economics, macro trends, and more. He has always been an excellent ambassador for Rabo AgriFinance, Rabobank and the agricultural industry,” says Curt Hudnutt, Head of Rural North America at Rabo AgriFinance. “But as brilliant an analyst as he was, his lasting legacy is his love for his wife, Verlinda and their eight children.”

“Sterling held a commanding understanding of markets. Unlike most analysts who specialize in one sector, Sterling was able to provide analysis on crops, livestock, ag inputs and an array of other topics with complete confidence and competence," notes Senior Animal Protein Analyst Don Close. “He had a unique ability to read data, build complex economic models and draw on his extensive ag experience to come to conclusions that were relevant and relatable to real-world situations.”

Visitation and funeral services are planned for Saturday, July 7, at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Warrenton, Missouri. The visitation is scheduled for 8:30 - 10:30 a.m. and the service will be at 11:00 a.m. The address is 3619 N State Highway 47, Warrenton, MO 63383.

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