Rabobank: Consistent Demand and Inflationary Pressures Expected in 2022 for Animal Protein Companies

Continued strong demand will benefit North American animal protein companies while they also face multiple challenges, including inflationary pressures and production constraints, according to the annual Rabobank Global Animal Protein Outlook.

The report looks at the year ahead for the beef, poultry, pork and seafood markets in North America and beyond, while also examining global issues such as the continued push for sustainable production and the uncertainty around African swine fever.

Animal protein supply chains face across the board cost inflation with the most significant increases coming in four key areas – animal feed, labor, energy and freight. But Rabobank sees agile business leadership as the most likely route to sustainable growth.

“This next year has the potential to accelerate structural change as a result of escalating costs,” says Christine McCracken, senior animal protein analyst for Rabobank. “Success will most likely go the players that adapt to the changing business environment; embracing consumer preferences for sustainability and preparing for a surge in demand as economies continue to reopen and adjust following COVID-19-induced lockdowns.”

On a consumer level, Rabobank expects global demand for beef to remain solid, demand for salmon and shrimp to show ongoing strength, improving demand for poultry and pork, and strong sales of alternative proteins.

“Although demand will be strong and supporting livestock prices, North American feed costs are expected to remain at high levels,” says Don Close, senior animal protein analyst. “Producers will need to be vigilant on finding opportunities to lock in profitable margins.”

Here some additional insights from the report:

  • Stronger cattle prices are expected, as the beef cow liquidation continues in the U.S.
  • U.S. chicken production will increase to support stronger exports and foodservice sales. Domestic egg and turkey markets should see a lift in demand as well from the normalization of travel and holiday activities.
  • U.S. pork prices are expected to remain strong to the start of the year, then will trail near-record 2021 levels as production increases and markets adjust to the implementation of Proposition 12 sow housing mandates.
  • Alternative protein sales should continue to grow strongly in 2022 with new products hitting the market.
  • The focus on sustainability will increase further in 2022, as food retailers and foodservice chains actively position on this theme with consumers, investors and regulators.

The annual Outlook report is produced by Rabobank’s specialist team of animal protein analysts based around the world. The 2022 Outlook is the seventh edition of the animal protein outlook.




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