Rabo AgriFinance Takes Preventative Steps to Safeguard Employee Health

ST. LOUIS, MO. (March 10, 2020) – Rabo AgriFinance is taking steps to reduce employee travel in the short term in response to the covid-19 virus (coronavirus disease 2019) while maintaining a high standard of customer service. Employees have been asked to cancel or postpone air travel and limit all travel that does not involve crucial client meetings.

“The health and safety of our employees, their families and their communities are very important to us,” Curt Hudnutt, head of Rabo AgriFinance, says. “We’re acting with what we feel is an abundance of caution to safeguard our employees while still serving our clients.”

The travel limitations are temporary. In addition, Rabobank North America’s business continuity team is closely monitoring the virus situation and will ensure that service to clients is not negatively impacted by any virus response plans.

To learn more about Rabo AgriFinance and its comprehensive suite of financial solutions, go to www.RaboAg.com.

Heather Stettner
Public Relations, Rabo AgriFinance
(308) 385-7968

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As a leading financial services provider for agricultural producers and agribusinesses in the United States, Rabo AgriFinance adds value using industry expertise, client-focused solutions, and by creating long-term business relationships. Rabo AgriFinance offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that gives producers the right products to prepare for, and take advantage of, market opportunities. This comprehensive suite of services includes loans, insurance, input finance and effective risk management products. Rabo AgriFinance is a subsidiary of Rabobank, a premier bank to the global agriculture industry and one of the world’s largest and strongest banks. Rabobank is an equal opportunity provider.


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