Rabo AgriFinance Expresses Support for Producers Impacted by Hurricane Irma

St. Louis, Mo. (Sept. 13, 2017) – Agricultural lending company Rabo AgriFinance is working to offer support to employees, clients and others facing devastating loss as a result of Hurricane Irma. As the storm works its way through the Southeast, the impact is significant and widespread.

“Our biggest concern is the safety and security of our colleagues and clients,” notes Plant City, Florida-based Senior Relationship Manager Tony Lopez. “I’ve contacted many of the farmers and ranchers we work with. While it is too soon to assess all of the damage from Hurricane Irma, we know some have experienced minor damage while others have experienced catastrophic damage. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our clients and others we work with.”

Lopez also notes the importance of contacting lenders and banks early in the recovery process. “We are encouraging our clients that whatever their situation may be to please do not hesitate to contact your lenders and insurance providers to get them involved in the recovery process as early as possible.”

The Rabo AgriFinance staff will work closely with clients who have agricultural operations impacted by the hurricane and associated storms. The company is also implementing a donation match for employees who contribute to American Red Cross relief.

“We are committed to our clients and we understand that natural disasters are part of working in production agriculture,” notes Rabo AgriFinance Head of Rural Banking Curt Hudnutt. “It is our practice whenever possible to stand by our clients in these difficult periods and work with them individually to provide appropriate support measures.”

Rabo AgriFinance is a provider of capital and financial solutions to leading U.S. agricultural producers and agribusinesses. Rabo AgriFinance is an equal opportunity provider.

You can learn more about Rabo AgriFinance by visiting www.Raboag.com.

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