New Conservis Capabilities Transform Financial Management for Farmers

Enhancements to farm management platform give growers greater visibility to financial performance


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., July 8, 2020 -- Conservis, the global leader in enterprise farm management software announces enhanced financial management capabilities to its robust platform. Developed in collaboration with Rabo AgriFinance, the Financial Management suite connects the dots between an operation’s field data and its finances. The result delivers a real-time, economic, bird’s-eye view of the farming operation.

“With all the uncertainty and volatility created by COVID-19, there has never been a more critical time for growers to understand the direct economic impact of their decisions,” says Sherman Black, CEO at Conservis. “We’re fortunate to have partnered with the world’s largest food and ag lender, providing us visibility into what ag lenders need. On the flip side, we understand what growers want because we’ve spent the last decade developing farm management software with our clients to harness data to improve efficiency and profit. The fruits of this partnership deliver a new way of doing business that benefits everyone.”

Conservis’ Financial Management suite enables growers to create complete and dynamic financial plans necessary to:

     Gain visibility to field-level plans, operational plans, loan and land management.

     Make profitable in-season operational and marketing decisions quickly with less potential for error than traditional methods.

     Streamline access to credit and financial tools.

     Confidently align with business partners.

Ryan Christensen, General Manager of BKR Farms in Grace, Idaho, has experience with the enhanced Conservis platform. “In a few clicks, I can send something to my Rabo AgriFinance lender at any point in time, and they’ll have everything they need to see where I’m at, and I have everything I need to make smarter, more timely decisions,” says Christensen. “The report automation took me no time, and I was able to have more meaningful and analytical conversations than any I’ve had with a lender before.”


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“Accurate, timely, relevant information is the holy grail to ag lenders,” says Curt Hudnutt, head of Rabo AgriFinance. “Even as precision ag adoption has proliferated, the industry has struggled to collect, analyze and share data, especially when a need for capital arises mid-year. It’s great to see our partnership with Conservis produce a tangible advancement in a farm’s ability to easily translate its data into financial insights. We know and trust that reports generated by our clients through Conservis accounts are high-quality and reliable.”

Conservis is an independent software platform that meets growers where they are and provides a clear path forward to get to where they wish to go. Farmers own their data and control when Rabo AgriFinance, or any other party receives information. The Financial Management suite is available through Conservis  and can be used with any ag lender.

About Conservis
Conservis is the leading independent farm management service, providing growers the digital tools and farm management software needed for success. The web and mobile platforms deliver comprehensive planning tools, real-time data capture and insightful analytics to support better decision making and efficient reporting. Conservis was founded in 2009 with and for farmers in the row and permanent crop markets and is dedicated to advancing the business of agriculture.

About Rabo AgriFinance
As a leading financial services provider for agricultural producers and agribusinesses in the United States, Rabo AgriFinance adds value using industry expertise, client-focused solutions, and by creating long-term business relationships. Rabo AgriFinance offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that gives producers the right products to prepare for, and take advantage of, market opportunities. This comprehensive suite of services includes loans, insurance, input finance and effective risk management products. Rabo AgriFinance is a subsidiary of Rabobank, a premier bank to the global agriculture industry and one of the world’s largest and strongest banks. Rabobank is an equal opportunity provider.

Heather Stettner
Public Relations Director, Rabo AgriFinance


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