Rabo AgriFinance and COVID-19


Through this uncertain time, all of Rabo AgriFinance is working to support our clients while our clients continue their work to produce food, fiber and fuel for the world. 

At Rabo AgriFinance, we are deeply committed to each and every one of our clients. This is particularly true as we all face the unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19 to our businesses, employees, customers, family members, friends and communities. 

We continue to be, as always, our clients' trusted partner. This means ensuring that we provide the highest level of service, product offerings and expert knowledge in an uninterrupted manner every day. We will continue to meet the needs or our clients with the utmost dedication and support.

Rabo AgriFinance has directed all of our employees to work from home if at all possible. We’ve also cancelled client and employee events and discontinued air travel. Our customer support staff are still taking calls and our client teams are still available. 

Many of our offices are not in areas designated as high risk at this moment. But, we know that we have a responsibility to contribute to efforts to slow the spread of this illness to a level medical facilities can handle. If cancelling our events and directing our employees to work from home helps in any small way to accomplish that, then it’s a step we have to take. 

Our people are flexible, focused on our clients and, in many cases, accustomed to working from home at times. I’m confident there won’t be any interruption to the service you’re accustomed to receiving. 

We’ll see you soon.

Shawn Smeins
Deputy Head of Rural Banking North America
Rabobank North America

coronavirus and the impact on F&A.

The recent outbreaks of the coronavirus disease are impacting various food and agribusiness sectors in various ways. The RaboResearch team has created a page that aims to provide updated sector and region based analysis by our global team of F&A analysts.

Click here to visit the RaboResearch page for coronavirus. 


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